Restaurants & Bars For Friends

Five outstanding restaurants. Wine tavern. Bar. Cigar Lounge.
Gusto in three dimensions. Eat. Drink. Smoke.
Magic moments. Lasting impressions.
Culinary art For Friends!


In honor of Knight Theuerdank. Fish from mountain streams. Meet delivered by our alpine farmers. Traditional culinary – reinterpreted.


À la Carte

Open daily from 6:30 pm
seating for 48 guests

Regional and international meat and fish specialties

Theuerdank – The name

The restaurant is named after the knight epic from the early era of printing, inspired by Emperor Maximilian I, who is thought to have contributed to the text.


Tyrolian hospitality. Lusty & tender. Native. Rooted to soil. Regional cuisine with mastery of highest international level.


À la carte

Open daily from 6:30 pm
Seating for 40 guests
Visual contact to the Fine Dining and Show Kitchen.

Regional cuisine
with international flair of the highest level.

“Around the world, it’s only cooked with water. It doesn’t need to be exotic if the best ingredients grow, swim or fly right on your doorstep. It only takes a cook with flair who can interpret the locality and not obsessively strive to reinvent. “

Rainer Gugl, Maître de Cuisine


A culinary ode to Maultasche & noodles. A tribute to sugo, salsa & condimento. It’s a feast. Viva la Pasta. Basta!


À la Carte

All day open from 11:30 am
seating for 78
additional 100 seats on the terrace

Homemade noodles.
Alpine dishes. Soul Food!

Alpine & Italian Pasta
Veggies & Salads
Salami & Pastrami. Speck & Cheese
Wiener Schnitzel of course …
+ Newcomers of alpine cuisine
Rounding off?
Sugar bakers art of seduction!

at a glance

1. Margaret, Countess of Tyrol, nicknamed Margarete Maultasch (1318 – 1369) was the last Countess of Tyrol. In ecclesiastical propaganda of the day the attractive Lady received the nickname “Maultasch” which means “whore” or “ugly woman”.
2. Maultaschen – singular Maultasche is a traditional Alpine dish that originated in the region of Swabia. It consists of an outer-layer of pasta dough which encloses a filling traditionally consisting of minced meat, smoked meat, spinach, bread crumbs and onions and flavored with various herbs and spices. Maultaschen are similar to the Italian ravioli but are typically larger in size.


At the butcher’s private kitchen table. Foretatse off the stove. It’s face time. For very special Friends.


Private Dining

for special occasions among intimates
on request only
seating for 16 to 18

Culinary offerings to suit individual tastes. Meat selection per request or à la carte service from the other restaurants.


Fine wine by the glass. A splendid drop by the bottle. Good wine makes all things possible.


For Friends Vinothek

Seating for 12 to 14
Also available as a restaurant for small groups.
Culinary offerings according to individual wishes.

Trust the Expert!

“For a sommelier it is boring to sell only the big names. It is much more exciting to present something that the guest does not yet know. It is most exciting for me, when I set a curious connoisseur on a track, which is totally new to him.”
Matthias Tanzer, F&B Manager, Qualified Sommelier


Don’t literalize the name … We like the idea that true spirit shows its content in taste not in percent.


Original Bar & Lounge

At the fireplace
On the terrace

seating for 60

Focal point

Spirit of Austria “
from vodka, whisky and rum to traditional schnapps.
Intensive cooperation with renowned national and international producers


Smoke Signals. After Dinner Cigars. Cigarette break. Peace pipe. Relaxed smoking. Howgh!


For Friends Cigar Lounge

The Cigar Lounge for relaxed and communicative smoking pleasure in close proximity to Schnapsidee and open fireplace.